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US Dream home demolished by mistake in Detroit

Property Here - Friday, January 11, 2013

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WHEN a couple went to inspect their newly purchased home, they found something was missing - the house.

After confirming they did indeed have the correct address, Kristine Diven and Micho McAdow’s home buyer delight quickly turned to despair. The house of their dreams had been demolished by mistake. Not exactly a perfect way to start the new year.

Detroit City Council confirmed that the house should not have been torn down, nor the 11 other nearby properties it had also bulldozed.

“When we drove up, I thought what I was seeing couldn't be right," Ms Diven, 36, told The Detroit News.

“In the past few weeks, it's almost like being in mourning.”

Ms Diven said she and Mr McAdow had been revisiting their home to protect it from vandals over the holiday season the day they found the two-storey structure reduced to a pile of rubble.

They had bought the house for the low sum of $500 at a tax auction.

The couple planned to spend $8000 restoring the property, which had hardwood floors and elaborate mantelpieces, and move in later this year.

It had been knocked down by city authorities in a bid to clean up the local neighbourhood.

Detroit City official Karla Henderson said the home was one of several properties slated for demolition and it should not have been sold.

The couple was offered a list of other properties to choose from, but said none have compared to the “diamond in the rough” that was their former home.

They have been refunded the $500.

The other 11 properties identified as being improperly razed were purchased by Sameer Beydoun, a Detroit real estate agent.

A spokeswoman for his company, Metro Property Group, said Mr Beydoun bought the properties to improve the run-down neighborhood, but now is working with the city of Detroit and state of Michigan on a reimbursement plan.