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SG Strong support for SERS

Property Here - Friday, December 20, 2013

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The Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) continues to garner strong support from residents, revealed the latest HDB survey.

Conducted every two years, the survey showed that 87 percent of the 628 households polled expressed support for the programme.

SERS is part of the government's Estate Renewal Strategy for the older public housing estates.

The residents involved under the programme are given a chance to move from their old flats to new flats with fresh 99-year leases, equipped with modern facilities and set in a familiar neighbourhood.

The survey showed that most residents (97 percent) were happy that SERS provided them a “brand new living environment.”

The programme also allowed them to continue living in the same estate with their long-time neighbours.

68 percent of those surveyed said that their relationship with their neighbours either improved or remained the same, while 99 percent indicated a strong sense of belonging to their town/estate.

Meanwhile, 72 percent of the households indicated no change in their family life after SERS, while another 24 percent reported that their family life had improved primarily due to the new flats and better living environment.

HDB said that the result was not surprising given that SERS offers various attractive benefits, “including a new home with a fresh 99-year lease at a subsidised price, a modern living environment, and financial concessions to ease cash flow and facilitate relocation.”

“The scheme also gives residents the opportunity to continue living near their kin and neighbours, thereby retaining kinship bonds and strengthening community ties,” it added.