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SG JB condo delay irks S'porean buyers

Property Here - Thursday, June 27, 2013

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A group of Singaporeans who bought condo units at the 602-unit KSL D’Esplanade Residence in Johor Bahru, have complained about plan changes, repeated construction delays and confusing information on when the project will be completed. 

According to media reports, the buyers said they inquired about the completion date five times and at each instance they have been told that it has been put back. 

One Singaporean revealed that when he purchased his RM750,000 (S$298,800) unit two years ago, the developer told him that the condominium was already 80 percent complete.

However, buyers were told in April 2013 that the project was still only 80 percent complete and will likely be ready by July. 

Responding, a spokeswoman for the developer explained that the completion rate mentioned in 2011 only referred to the lower levels, and “every floor has a different completion date.” She also added that the unit completion/delivery period is three years, but this only commences when the sales & purchase agreement is inked. 

Moreover, some of the buyers also claimed they were being short-changed because the condominium does not reflect amenities advertised during the time of purchase. According to brochures, the hotel will feature an 18-hole mini-golf course, but buyers found out last October that it was replaced by a water theme park.

Commenting on the issue, the spokeswoman noted: “That area is not part of the residential area; it belongs to the hotel, and the hotel management has the right to change anything.”

Image: Artist's Impression of KSL D'Esplanade.