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SG Celebrity home feature: Chris Hemsworth

Property Here - Friday, November 08, 2013

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Who'd have known that after a tiny role in the first Star Trek as Kirk's dad, Chris Hemsworth would end up playing Thor, the God of Thunder in Marvel's cinematic universe?

Yet, the wielder of Mjolnir has certainly taken the world by storm. 

Wherever he goes, camera flashes follow much like the lightning that announces the arrival of the titular character he's now most known for. 

However, one might think Hemsworth was the God of War instead as he conquers Hollywood and rakes in the millions. 

His ascent to Hollywood immortality can only be cemented with the extravagant purchases and investments he makes along the way and Hemsworth has certainly not shied away from doing either. 

After setting his eyes on a lavish 6,382 sq.ft Victorian-styled estate owned by Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame, Hemsworth and wife, Elsa Pataky made the arrangements to purchase it.