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CA Montreal board will stay with CREA – for now

Property Here - Saturday, September 29, 2012

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The Greater Montreal Real Estate Board (GMREB) will remain a CREA member until after the national association finalizes its Map to the Future proposals next spring.

The decision was made by the GMREB Board of Directors on Friday, after a vote by members “overwhelmingly” rejected the status quo, says board president Patrick Juanéda.

Members were given three choices in the vote: leave CREA on January 1, 2013; postpone the decision until after the spring meeting; or remain a CREA member. The majority (40.4 per cent) picked option one, opting to leave CREA, but the Board of Directors has decided to wait.

“Although the option to leave CREA was chosen by the largest number of members, the Board of Directors analyzed the results in their entirety and has decided to wait until after CREA’s annual meeting before making a final decision,” wrote Juanéda in a message to members. Before the vote, the Board of Directors had recommended that the board withdraw from the national association.

The final vote was:

Leave CREA: 1,394 (40.4%)

Postpone: 1,086  (31.5%)

Remain with CREA: 973 (28.2%)

A total of 3,453 members out of a possible 10,217 took part in the vote, a participation rate of 34 per cent, says Juanéda. Léger Marketing, which conducted the electronic vote, says the margin of error is 1.36 per cent, “which means that if all members had voted, the final result would have essentially been the same,” says Juanéda.

Prior to the vote, Juanéda said after three consultation meetings with members in early September, “there was consensus on the need to clearly define the role and responsibilities of the different organizations (in organized real estate), to find a permanent solution regarding the management of advertising money, to end duplication between CREA and real estate boards, and, finally, to review CREA’s questionable expenses.”

He said, “Serious concerns exist with CREA’s future projects, particularly regarding intrusions to the Real Estate Brokerage Act and the various legal disputes (Competition Bureau vs. Toronto Real Estate Board and a lawsuit from RealtySellers) that are currently underway. Finally, many members are calling for à la carte services” (where the board would pay only for services used).

Juanéda also said there was “strong consensus that, whose development is being accelerated, is a superior and more modern tool than However, the loss of traffic coming from has raised concerns…”

After Friday’s vote, Juanéda said delaying the final decision “will enable us to evaluate the decisions that will be made (at CREA’s meeting). Until that time, every effort will be made to defend your interests and, above all, move forward with our plan to promote real estate brokers and increase awareness of”