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CA CREB supports new home warranty legislation

Property Here - Friday, October 19, 2012

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CREB, the Calgary Real Estate Board, says it applauds Alberta on its intention to legislate expanded new home warranty protection. The new regulations will also help protect resale buyers and sellers of properties covered by the warranty, CREB says.

“New buyer protection is such a contentious issue in our communities, especially considering the recent problems with some condos that have been identified around the city, and it’s good to see the province is finally responding to the need,” says CREB president Bob Jablonski. “Buyers and sellers can have greater confidence that a structure is sound.” But it says a number of questions about the program remain to be answered.

CREB and its provincial partner, the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA), are also calling on the province to adopt air quality standards for properties of all kinds and to complete the review of the Condominium Property Act it began three years ago.

This reminder comes in the wake of recent media coverage on reported leaky condos in the Calgary area. According to those media reports, some condo owners are facing thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Without a provincial air quality standard, there is no way of knowing whether the air within the property has been adequately remediated for such problems as leaky building envelopes, illegal grow-op activities or high levels of continued humidity that produce mould, says CREB. Without these standards consumers may be at risk.

“Over the years, this has become a problem area for consumers as safety codes and municipal inspections have been outsourced and downgraded,” says Jablonski. “Building envelopes seem to have fallen off the radar and have not been attributed to any particular inspection authority that we are aware of, and that is a problem.”