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CA ARR votes to stick with CREA

Property Here - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Members of the Association of Regina Realtors (ARR) voted down a resolution to consider pulling out of CREA at the ARR Annual Meeting on Tuesday.

The resolution, proposed by sales rep Stew Fettes, was not supported by the ARR Board of Directors. It was defeated by a show of hands.

In his presentation at the meeting, Fettes said CREA had failed its members by agreeing to co-operate with FINTRAC regulations, and by signing a consent agreement with the Competition Bureau. He proposed that ARR hold a secret ballot no later than May 1, 2013 “to decide on whether we should withdraw from CREA in an orderly fashion and replace it with one dynamic association office inSaskatchewanto manage and insure all members are protected, and that organized real estate continues to live on inSaskatchewan.”

After the meeting, Fettes told REM: “Although the resolution was not passed today, it is very evident that I have put a shot across the bow of CREA, and they had better start paying attention to their members.” He says several people at the meeting came up to him after the presentation to shake his hand.

Fettes says there is discontent with CREA across the country. “We’ll see what happens as it spreads across the nation…I think the debate is just starting on this whole issue.”

Cliff Iverson, a CREA director and past-president of the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors, updated the meeting about CREA’s Future Planning proposals, which will be formally presented at a CREA meeting inWinnipeg next month.