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CA 今日不出手,明日更便宜!BMO:欲买房者继续租房

Property Here - Thursday, September 05, 2013

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BMO 资深经济学家: 建议欲买房者继续租房,今后几年不是买房时机

是的,你没看错,BMO (即论坛上某房贷经纪的老板) 资深经济学家在8月23日发表的 "BMO Capital Markets Economics Focus" 周刊中,写到:

BMO Capital Markets Economics Senior Economist Mr. Sal Guatieri:

Aug 23, 2013

"All in, we suspect there is sufficient overbuilding in Toronto’s condo market to depress prices moderately in coming years,  though probably not enough to trigger a material correction, barring a recession or further spike in mortgage rates. "