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Property Here - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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WE are sure you will hate your apartment or even luxury penthouse after checking out these images of the world’s most beautiful living spaces.

Two Australian properties made the top 20 spaces around the world, according to Ultra Home.

From an underwater bedroom in the Maldives to an igloo in Finland, these are some of the most envy-inducing rooms around the globe.

The luxurious properties boast stunning views, quirky features and exquisite surroundings and no doubt cost a bomb.

But just take a look and imagine you are there.

Whatever your vision for a beautiful space, one of these should fit the bill.

 The Heinz Julen Penthouse in Zermatt, Switzerland

Living space

 The Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, Finland

Living space

The Clock Tower Apartment in Brooklyn, NY

Living space

The Firefly ski chalet in Zermatt, Switzerland 

Living space

The Tree House in Costa Rica

Living spaces

Converted cathedral

Living space

Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, Australia

Living space

The Over Water Bungalow at Le Meridien in Bora Bora

Living space

 The Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

Living space

The Pretty Beach House on the Bouddi Peninsula, Australia

Living space

The Underwater Bedroom in the Maldives

Living space
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