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AU Stink over sewers in Gippsland

Property Here - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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A CLUSTER of Victorian towns where human waste lines the streets are in a stink over the delay to a vital sewage upgrade to the region.

Residents of Nyora, Loch and Poowong in the Gippsland region say they have been wading in third world conditions for decades, with effluent flooding residential streets and properties following every heavy downpour.

Nyora resident Brett Hume said the pong had become unbearable.

"On a summer's day when the heat comes, the stench is quite significant, which brings flies and rats into the community. It's very unpleasant,'' he said.

"It's stopping development in the town. People won't build here because there's no way they can dispose of sewerage in an effective way.''

South Gippsland councillor Lorraine Brunt said a shallow layer of impervious rock meant the septic sludge sloshed in drains and pools during times of heavy rain.

But South Gippsland Water's $30 million plan to bring the towns into the 21st century was dealt a blow when the proposed price increases to fund the project were rejected by the Essential Services Commission.

The water authority must now spend $1.5 million to explore cheaper options.

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