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AU Q & A: Presenting homes for open inspection

Property Here - Monday, May 06, 2013

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EACH week Messenger Community News picks the brains of local real estate agents. This week, the topic is how to prepare your home for open inspections.


What are the top three mistakes you see people make when presenting their homes for open inspection?

Valerie Timms, of Timms Real Estate:

1. How a home smells is vital during an open inspection.

Often if you have dogs inside and the floors are carpeted, buyers will notice a definite "doggy" smell in the home. Burning incense to cover this is certainly not recommended as the combination of smells can be a turn-off. It is ideal, during the sale process, to keep animal bedding outside, and minimise "inside time". This can be somewhat difficult if your furry friends are part of the family, but it can make a certainly make a difference on open inspection day. Also avoid cigarette smoke inside. It has been popular in the past to bake bread during the open but remember, it only smells good once baked, not during the baking process.

2. De-cluttering is critical for the best presentation on open day.

Failing to de-clutter can make a home look smaller than what it really is, and also make it difficult for a buyer to imagine their own belongings in the property. De-cluttering can be as big, or small a job as you choose to take on. Start with bags and boxes and minimise. One for rubbish, one for charity or the garage sale, and one for storage.

Methodically go through your home, pack away any items that are not vital, and do not enhance the presentation. Even storing large or unnecessary items of furniture can make a huge difference. Ultimately it will make your home more appealing and make the final move a lot easier.

3. Saving on electricity is top of mind for most home owners with soaring electricity prices. However, the half an hour of your open inspection is not the time to conserve on power. A dark, cold home is not appealing to a buyer and does not showcase the features of your home.

Have all of the lights on, and ensure the heaters have been on long enough to make the home toasty warm in winter.

Remember the more inviting the buyer finds your home, the more they will be prepared to pay!

Bevan Kleemann, of Harcourts Aberfoyle Park:

1. Not tidying the front yard prior to putting the property on the market.

2. Not cleaning, dusting and ensuring the home smells fresh.

3. Not de-cluttering. Enhancing the presentation of your home is definitely worth your while.

You'll probably be surprised at how much additional appeal you can create with a little bit of work and expense. Take advantage of your agent's experience and expertise to guide you on what needs to be done.

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