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AU Memorable quips from our top auctioneers in the Golden Gavel competition

Property Here - Friday, May 24, 2013

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Source: Supplied

FIVE of the Adelaide's top auctioneers pitted their skills against each other in the grand final of The Society of Auctioneers and Appraisers annual News Australia SA Bank SA Golden Gavel Competition yesterday.

Held at the Arkaba Hotel, before an audience of peers, members of the public, and school students, they each had to conduct a fake auction of a $3 million Glen Osmond house.

Actors planted in the audience carried out the bidding. The auctioneers were judged on more than a dozen criteria ranging from standard of dress to diction, voice control, and handling of bidding.

The winner will be announced tonight at a black tie dinner.

Property Writer KASIA OZOG captured some of their most memorable quips and comments.

Lindsay Warner, of Harcourts Brock Williams:

(He had a wedding theme throughout his auction.)

"Ladies and getlemen, I give you security, I give you strength and all I ask is for your commitment."

"Are you in or are you out, richer or poorer?"

"This is your date with destiny."

"Consumate the relationship by stepping forward and signing the contract."

Nick Baranikow of Harcourts Platinum:

Described the property as follows:

"A majestic fortress."

"Entertain in grand style in opulent rooms."

"Cooking heaven with an elite kitchen with all the bells and whistles for all the master chefs out there."

(On the cellar): "Wine buffs, red alert, red alert."

To the bidders:

"You've already made the emotional investment as I need is now is the financial transaction."

"Buyers this is not a drill we're on the market, this is selling."

"There is no consolation price, only the feeling of regret."

"Just empty that wallet out."

Nathan Casserly of Harcourts - Ouwens Casserly:

"Put your paddles in the air, bid with confidence."

"I can't wait to meet you at settlement."

"I recommend, I almost plead that you do all you can to turn your dreams into a reality."

"Ten years since it was built but it may be another 110 before it comes back on the market."

"A lovely lady's dream has turned into a reality."

Jarad Henry of LJ Hooker - Glenelg:

"I have the privilege of making your real estate dreams come true."

"The contract's missing only two things, your name and your price."

"You're more likely to see two fluffy Shitzus wearing matching Gucci coats than any ferocious guard dogs (in the area)."

"(This home) seriously has more gadgets than a James Bond movie."

"It's ok, I spoke to the kids, they know you're spending their inheritance wisely."

"(To a bidder) "What say you sir? You've been with me from the start, don't leave me now!"

Troy Tyndall, of Toop&Toop Real Estate:

"Live on the sunny side of life."

"Homes like this they're not built, they're hand-crafted."

"Where do you go on a holiday when you live in a six-star home?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, they say home is where the heart is, it is time to show me where your heart is."

"Don't say 'I could've, I should've' no empty chances here."

"Nice even numbers if you don't mind."

"The next thing you're going to see is a "sold" sign on the board."

"To the other bidders, my commiserations."

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