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AU Live like German chancellor Angela Merkel in the 80s real estate ad says

Property Here - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Angela Merkel's 80s flat

The renovated kitchen from the flat that Angela Merkel lived in during the 1980s. Picture: Airbnb

VISITORS to Berlin can live like Angela Merkel did in the 80s under communism by staying in her old flat for 55 euros ($74) a night.

"Live Like Angela Merkel (previously)'', says the advert showing photos of the two-room apartment in the city's trendy Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood on rental accommodation website Airbnb.

Merkel, who romped to her third term as chancellor on Sunday, lived in the 55-square-metre flat from 1986 until 1990, the year of German reunification, while she was a Ph.D. student, Bild daily said.

Pictures show a light and airy flat that has since been renovated, with wooden floors, high ceilings and tall windows facing a quiet interior courtyard.

Bild quoted resident Claudia Winter as saying that as a neighbour Ms Merkel was "very nice and helpful''.

"I never would have thought that she'd become chancellor,'' the newspaper quoted Peter Winter, a pensioner, as saying.

Ms Merkel famously went to the sauna on the night the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, sticking to her Thursday evening routine while history was made around her.

angela merkel's 80s flat

The outside of the flat that Angela Merkel lived in during the 1980s. Picture: Airbnb

Her apartment on Schoenhauser Allee was just a few hundred metres from a key border crossing between East and West Berlin that opened up that night.

After her steam bath, Ms Merkel went for a beer with a friend and only afterwards, when they left the bar, did they find themselves swept up in the huge crowds pouring into West Berlin.

In 1990, after German unification, Ms Merkel joined the conservative CDU party and won a parliamentary seat in the east. As a protege of chancellor Helmut Kohl, she quickly rose to become minister for women and youth, moving to the former capital Bonn.

Since becoming chancellor, the famously low-key Merkel, 59, has continued to live in central Berlin, in a different flat but also in a former East Berlin district.

Her previous neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg has become a fashionable magnet for young families and well-off singletons.


angela merkel's 80s flat

The renovated lounge room from the flat that Angela Merkel lived in during the 1980s. Picture: Airbnb