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AU Features every home worth more than $10 million must have

Property Here - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Here's a mega-mansion in the making on the Gold Coast that ticks many of the must-have credentials / FileSource: Gold Coast Bulletin

SO you've won the lotto and want to build your dream home with all the mod cons? Our handy guide will help you brief the architect on life's little essentials so you can hold your head high at the polo.

1. An exotic theme

If you are building an amazing dream home the emphasis should be on 'dream'. Definitely not for you is an Australian design that uses local materials and is at one with its environment. If you are going to drop $10 million  on bricks and mortar you should ensure your home screams 'Statement'. Consider a Mediterranean villa, Lake Como inspired mansion, or hang it all and build a castle or a replica Gone With The Wind  mansion. This will ensure you can import most of your materials, thereby upping its price. If you are tempted to slum it and go native, your home should be modern. Take inspiration from theStarship Enterprise.

2. At least 1000 square metres of living space

Your new family home should be large befitting your status. Really large. Anything under 1000 square metres will require a rebuild Walking from end to end of your new home to look for the children will help you keep stylishly thin. Don't scrimp on space. Your personal trainer will thank you for it.

3. Water frontage

No one spending this much money wants a view of how other people live, even if they too are super rich and important. The view of water should lead down to a pontoon where your large cruiser is parked - ideally horizontally across the block - without obscuring the entire water view.

4. Water features - lots of them

Swimming pools (note plural) are essential, but they're just the start of the story. Pools need wet edges and spa jets, dressing areas and ideally you should have several - one on the balcony outside your bedroom is ideal. Consider whether a moat would work, or if you join the swimming pools with a small river system - ideally one that requires a small bridge - break it up with waterfalls and the occasional fountain. Trickling water is very calming.

5. Three levels

No family with a home valued at more than $8 million can tolerate the idea of having their children live on the same level as themselves, but the truly stylish add a third floor to house their next most important possession - the cars. Two storeys is common. Don't go there.

6. An internal lift

With three levels, that's a lot of stairs. Your lift should ideally have some quirky feature to ensure true panache, such as being all glass, or capable of holding 13 people.

7. A kitchen on every level

With three levels, you don't want to travel too far for snacks. And nothing flags just how much dosh you've got by having not just one Gaggenau applianced (Miele if you must be a traditionalist), imported marble benchtop and splashbacked kitchen, but three plus kitchenettes. Each kitchen should boast an inbuilt coffee maker, teppanyaki grill, inbuilt slow cooker, multiple steam ovens, bank of microwaves, pantry the size of a bedroom, fridge the size of a pantry and separate glass washer to the dishwashers. And with a kitchen on each level, the nanny can cater for the children without your own nose being required to sniff anything as vulgar as burned toast.

8. An outdoor kitchen

An outdoor barbeque is not going to cut it, even one that you previously thought was a bit posh, such as a Webber. You need a fully plumbed, fully powered and gassed outdoor kitchen including a 12 burner with its own teppanyaki grill and pizza oven - because this what the caterers will use when you host pool parties at the outdoor seating which can easily accommodate at least 16 in comfort.

9. More bathrooms than bedrooms

Obviously. You don't want to get caught short as you stroll from one end of your 1000square metres to the other. It's not like you'll be cleaning them anyway.

10. Powder rooms

Powder rooms are different to bathrooms because they are where people who visit your home go to use the loo. They are an excellent way to display your collection of Royal Doulton (for the traditionalists) or Aesop (modern) guest soaps and room fresheners to beautiful affect.

11. Use expensive materials - lots of them.

The marble should come from Italy, you should ensure at least one part of the home features gold leaf and the tapware and bathroom porcelain should be something unpronounceable. Wallpaper must have triple digits per square metre and have a designer label and should be chosen to make a statement. Go to town.

12. Parking for at least eight cars

Eight is the minimum. Up to 12 is ideal. You will need one for him, one for her, one for each of the kids for when they turn 18, a four-wheel drive for weekends and then, everything you've collected as a hobby, plus room for the motorbikes, jet skis etc.

13. A home cinema

Ideally with tiered seating and pull out footrests and in built cup holders. In any other room of the house, these would be regarded as ugly and unstylish, but in a home theatre it just works. Consider LED lighting on the ceiling that mimics a starry night or go with a Hollywood red carpet theme. Projector TVs or an LCD so big it requires a curtain for effect/small nuclear reactor to power it shows how serious you are about your viewing pleasure. The kitchenette in this part of the house should feature an inbuilt popcorn maker.

14. Separate billiard, rumpus, and library

In this price bracket it is utterly unacceptable for any of these rooms to be common space. They must be separate and each will need its own bathroom.

15. A sweeping staircase

Nothing says 'serious mansion' than a Tara-esque staircase - ideally one with two flights down each wall of the reception. Imagine how gorgeous your daughter will look on her wedding day - if you succeed in paying the mortgage for that long.

16. A guest wing

People will want to stay. Why wouldn't they? Your place is gob smacking - and big enough that you don't really need to spend any time together - and free to friends. Plus they have access to great guest soap.

17. His and her studies

As Virginia Woolf explained everyone needs a room of ones own to work and you will both need space to store your collection of Apple products, photo collection of yourself with captains of industry and international world leaders and to plan fundraisers for your favourite charity.

18. Wine cellar

To store your collection of a thousand or so bottles and ideally decant and indulge. An inbuilt humidor is also a nice option here. Think of it as a modern man cave.

19. Gym, spa, steam room and pool house

It's nice if you have to walk past the outdoor kitchen/dining/pool area and across the water feature bridge to access these. A good gym will have a water view. Lower priced houses (a mere $8 million or so) will have them without views near the car park.

20. Cable, wifi, lighting, sound and security engineering

Everything should be remote controlled and programmable by computer (but not by you - you can pay someone to do that) to work when you enter the room.

21. A good lawyer

Because with such an ostentatious show of wealth, let's face it either the bank, your wife or your former business partner is coming to get you.

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