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AU Cut corners with lazy gardener's tips

Property Here - Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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SO you'd love your garden to look magnificent, but the amount of effort required seems daunting?

Don't fret - at some stage, we all feel the same way. No matter what those smug, green-thumbed, know-alls say, gardening can be darned hard work. All that weeding, mowing, pruning, spraying, raking and watering can get the best gardeners down.

Yet there are sneaky ways to spare ourselves some toil. I know most of them, because I've put a lot of hard work into becoming a lazy gardener. For starters, stop beating yourself up about your lack of garden energy. It's OK. The world won't end.

Next, think smarter. Decide what you hate most about gardening and find a way to reduce or eliminate it.

Here are a few suggestions:

* Never plant a lawn that takes more than 20 minutes to mow: life is too short!

* Replace all your normal pots with self-watering ones. You won't have as many plant losses.
* Avoid too many plants that die down in winter, avoiding the need for cutting back.
* Don't plant a rose, no matter how beguiling, unless it's rated top 10 for disease resistance. Spraying is a real drag.
* Don't make wide garden beds, they're hard to work and you'll do your back in.
* Ignore advice not to plant too thickly. With enough good plants, weeds can't grow.
* Buy a lightweight tiller to reduce digging.

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