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AU A 20-year-old real estate agent has sold more than $28 million worth of property in three years

Property Here - Friday, October 04, 2013

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HE is only 20 years old, drives with P-plates and still lives at home, but young gun real estate agent Dion Markovics has already clocked up more than $28 million worth of property sales.

Although he skipped university and has been in the real estate industry for less than three years, Mr Markovics has carved out a career that earns him a six-figure salary and would be the envy of many agents, whose average salary is just $48,000, according to

"I made my first sale when I was 17 and working part time. It was an apartment in

Waterloo, which sold for about $590,000," said Mr Markovics, whose fascination with Sydney property came at a young age.

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"My grandmother was a real estate agent when I was growing up. I genuinely had an interest for it. I think it was the auction rooms - they totally blew my mind."

A five-day stint of work experience in year 10 turned into a part time job which eventually became a full-time position with Raine & Horne Double Bay power players Mark and Barry Goldman.

Dion Markovics, 20, sets up for a house inspection in Vaucluse.

Dion Markovics, 20, sets up for a house inspection in Vaucluse.

"It's not a complete surprise to see someone that age come knocking on our door for a job, but what was a surprise was to see how eager Dion was," Barry Goldman said.

"You do need to be a talker and, very importantly, people have got to like you. Some agents are absolutely methodical, and they do well.

"Then there are agents who do very well because they are connected. I think if you have a combination of both of those attributes, then you have a very special career ahead of you in real estate."

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While the Goldman brothers helped him learn the ropes, Mr Markovics has made many prestige sales of his own.

Gabby Pakula, a current vendor who recently listed her Vaucluse home through Mr Markovics, said his age was not important.

"If I didn't know he was just 20 years old you wouldn't think it by speaking with him," Mrs Pakula said.

Dion Markovics sold this home in Vaucluse.

Dion Markovics sold this home in Vaucluse.

"I'd heard about the Goldman reputation, but it was Dion who reached out to us when he heard that we might be wanting to sell our home. If he hadn't picked up the phone, then we might have listed with someone else.

"What's interesting about him is that he doesn't even seem to be on a learning curve, he knows what he's doing.

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"There's no question that he's passionate and driven. Good luck to him."

While most of his peers focus on girls, guitars and PlayStations, Mr Markovics is determined to succeed in his chosen profession.

"I don't think I've missed anything by beginning a career so young," he said. "I think I was ready to go into the workforce when I did. Surely there's never enough partying and I've had my fair share of it."

This Dover Heights property was also sold by Dion Markovics.

This Dover Heights property was also sold by Dion Markovics.

Keen to keep quiet on his exact earnings, Mr Markovics said he usually collected between 1.5 per cent to 2 per cent per listing.

"I think there's no reason why an agent in this position couldn't make $200,000 plus in a year," he said.

"But I live the simple life. I know there are agents with fancy cars and expensive watches but I'm just taking one step at a time."

The next step for Mr Markovics is to be on the other side of the real estate fence.

"I've got myself set to buy a place and I'm out there looking. But househunting is a bit tough at the moment," he said.

Dion Markovics sol this Darling Point home.

Dion Markovics sol this Darling Point home.


An apartment at Bondi Beach - $640,000

An apartment in Bondi - $480,000

Family home in Rose Bay - $2.6 million

Home in Vaucluse - $2.15 million

An apartment in Darling Point - $735,000

A prestige home in Dover Heights - more than $4 million

Vaucluse - $5 million



Parsley Rd, Vaucluse

Military Rd, Dover Heights