Why us?

PropertyHere is a leading international real estate listing services provider. We provide tools and information for global tenant, property investor, real estate agents and real estate vendors/developers. We are multi-cultrual and have a highly qualified audience for advertisers in all major real estate markets.

We provide the most informative and easiest search experience through advanced geographical search panel and various criteria search functionalities such as "Hot City Search", "Postcode Radius Search" and "Property feature Search", etc. Publishing and managing property listings has never been so easy, our Self Admin Centre allows private customers, agents and vendors to publish and manage their own listings in a very low cost. Moreover, this integrated platform makes property investors and global real estate agents easier to list their own different countries' estate properties in one central place.

If you are Property investor, Tenant or Home buyer, we not only provide you the best searching experience by geographical search panel, but also global real estate news in real time.

If you are Real estate agent, we provide advanced tools and management system for better property listings performance.

If you are Real estate developer and vendor, we give you the most cost effective platform to instantly reach global potential buyers.

Property investor, Tenant or Home buyer

Real estate agent

Real estate developer and vendor

Release date: 16-Mar-2012. 
Last updated on: 22-Nov-2012 02:37 PM.

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